Product Uses

Horse Stall Floor Mats in Horse Barns

Horse stalls require cushioned floor mats for the safety and health of their legs. It's important to use some sort of rubber cushioning floor mat for your horse so his joints are protected from hard floors, and he is less likely to slip. Traditional horse stall floor mats entrap waste beneath them. Our product does not have to be removed and cleaned each day; you simply hose or pressure wash it clean. Sydney Flooring Solutions, LLC provides the ultimate sanitary, cushioned comfort under hoof of horses in your care. The product can be installed in your horse's stall, horse trailer, stable common areas, and anywhere else you need secure cushioning for your horse.

Features & Benefits Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber

  • relieves fatigue, stress, painful joint inflammations, and tendonitis
  • meets sanitary surfacing criteria and mandates of the USDA & FDA
  • passes the Underwriter's Laboratory Potable Water 60 Test
  • inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus
  • unsurpassed insulation properties eliminating cold/hard surfaces, holding the warmth much longer than bare concrete and creating a more energy efficient seamless flooring in horse stalls and horse barns
  • eliminates time consuming/costly labor associated with proper cleaning of old-style mats
  • Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber - simply hose or pressure wash clean
  • Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber materials are environmentally safe
  • representing a non-biodegradable, technological breakthrough in specialty surfacing

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The USA is dramatically improving the quality of the lives and the humaneness of the deaths of the cows, pigs, and chickens that we eat. Contented food animals produce better. Many producers recognize that it pays off from a production as well as a welfare standpoint to strive for animal comfort, whether the animals are beef, dairy cows, or veal calves.

Today people are becoming more aware that "happy cows" produce more milk. There are all kinds of ideas on how to better the ground on which they stand, most of which refer to concrete and whether or not to score the ground and so on. Lameness, a major economic and welfare problem in dairy cattle, is directly associated with the flooring in loose housing barns.

In Germany, B Benz and her colleagues studied the effects of slatted floor barns with and without rubber surfaces. Using two farms, each with 60 cows, she found an advantage for comfort, behavior and foot health with rubber on the slats. After installing the yielding rubber mats, Benz found fewer claw lesions. Benz also observed more frequent caudal licking behavior on yielding floors - the cattle could stand on three legs and groom themselves more than twice without slipping. Rubber floors solve two problems - slip resistance and hardness.

The economic and ethical issues of lameness in confinement dairy facilities also could favor the use of rubber flooring.

Welfare of housed dairy cows

During the past twelve months, several published papers have reflected a growing interest in, and concern for, the welfare of housed dairy cattle. Objective methods and indicators are required to assess the welfare of livestock in different environments (Fregonesi and Leaver, 2001). The amount of time spent lying down and resting by dairy cows is an important indicator of comfort and welfare (Fisher et al., 2003). Disturbed rest may affect milk production by reducing the secretion of growth hormone (Manninen et al., 2002).

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Of course one of the most important features in a trailer of any kind is the floor. Rust or wood rot can cause serious accidents and injuries. For any animal on a long trip, a rubber mat can give comfort, however, urine can and will seep underneath causing the above effects. Cleaning can be quite cumbersome having to lift these heavy mats to disinfect underneath. Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber's patented method has designed a floor to alleviate these problems, Lay-A-Weigh® rubber creates a beautiful, non-slip, easy to clean, permanent and impermeable rubber floor. Not only that, but the 3/4 inch thickness is sure to give comfort for whatever is traveling behind you.

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Veterinarian Clinics and Animal Shelters

Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber's patented 3/4 inch thick floors not only provides the best in comfort for the animals in your care but also for yourself, staff and customers. Standing on a concrete floor during a surgical procedure definitely takes its toll on your feet and back. Imagine the benefits of a cushioned floor during many hours of standing. Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber flooring is easy to clean and disinfect and nothing can seep through or under because the rubber is encapsulated to the floor. Rubber is also impermeable unlike concrete which makes cleaning and disinfecting much easier and less time consuming. (See our cleaning guide under Care, Cleaning and Maintenance).

Animal Shelters also benefit from Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber Flooring. One such benefit is sound absorption. It can be extremely loud especially in animal shelters, doggy daycares and grooming facilities and of course, the animals themselves will enjoy the comfortable cushioned floor.

Your staff will enjoy the easy maintenance of Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber Flooring. No more heavy cumbersome mats to clean under and flip. It's less time consuming and cost of cleaning supplies will be much less.

Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber strives to keep rubber flooring very affordable. This patented process allows us to keep costs down and quality up, Poured liquid rubber is very costly. Nothing can compare.

So whether you are remodeling or building or are ready to update your facility, Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber Flooring will be ready to assist you

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Virtually all zoo night houses have three things in common, that being concrete floors, rubber mats and animal bedding material. Whether it is a Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Bongo or the Greater Kudu, the mats are so heavy and cumbersome they sometimes are replaced with bedding material, a less cumbersome but no less time consuming and expensive alternative.

Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber's patented method provides permanent flooring. No more need to bend over and flip mats, reduces the amount of disinfectant as well as bedding material. The flooring will more than pay for itself in short order due to savings in material as well as labor spent cleaning stalls.

For the birds, consider Lay-A-Weigh® Rubber as a means of minimizing bumble foot and slippery conditions. Quarantine stalls as well as surgery rooms will reap the benefits of superior cleanliness and comfort. We know animals held in quarantine tend to pace. The cushioned flooring is without question a huge benefit to the stressed animal. No animal needs suffer the consequences of a concrete surface when the solution pays for itself. Invest in your animals.

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